Artist Development.











Vocal Consultation- A 45 minute vocal/performance evaluation session. Come prepared with a 1-3 songs within your comfort zone. 




Vocal DevelopmentBreathing, Vocal, and Performance Techniques, Songwriting, Show Design, etc....                                                                                                                                              





Payment for Vocal Sessions - Payment is due on the first day of each month, for the desired number of lessons for that month, any lessons cancelled 24 hours in advanced can be made up within the month of cancelation.


    ~Call or email for pricing~

Recording Packages- Record your cover or original in a professional recording studio with                                                                         production direction and guidance from Emily. (Audition required)

 Professional Recording Pacakages

*Basic Professional Recording package

2 hours studio time with engineer & producer

(If extra time is required, additional fees apply)



Professional Music Video Packages-  Shoot a professional music video in-studio or on                                                                                                          location with one of our videographers, and                                                                                                              production direction from Emily. (Audition required)


Professional Video Production Pacakage

*Basic Professional Video Recording package

           (Pricing varies depending on music video specifics.)


Image Design/Makeover- Design your image and receive a makeover with Emily and one of our                                                                      professional stylist partners. 


          Pricing for image design/makeover 

                *Makeover-Image design, hair, make-up, and shopping spree with stylist 




Artistic Photoshoot- Get eye-catching, creative photos taken and design your album artwork with                                                          one of our highly recommended industry professional photographers.  


Artistic Photoshoot Packages

*Basic in-studio photo session- 4 looks

*Premium Album Artistry package~ Pricing varies

Monthly Masterclasses$25 per person- FREE to active students.                   

Monthly Open Mic Night$10 per person-FREE to active students.


Bi-yearly Sing It OUT Studios Showcase open to  ALL former & current students!