"I am seriously so excited. I can't stop singing! I really don't think there is such a thing as a note that's too high anymore! I can sing anything without straining now! YAAAAY! Thank you so much!"

"I have been taking regular lessons with Emily Stevenson at Sing it Out Studios for almost 7 years now. Words cannot express the progress I have seen in my vocal abilities and my confidence on the stage. Emily took me from a very elementary level, with nothing but a good ear for music and a desire to sing, to a place where people ask me to sing at funerals, weddings, and special events. My vocal range has increased by almost 2 entire keys, because Emily has taught me techniques that allow me to sing just about any song, and in any style. I keep coming to her not only for her excellent teaching abilities and extensive knowledge, but because she has become a good friend. She’s easy to work with, and always finds time to fit me in, as I have a particularly crazy schedule. Emily coached me through half a dozen pageants, 2 of them being Miss Utah, where I placed as a Top 10 Finalist. Emily has gone above and beyond what your average vocal instructor might normally do, driving long distances to help me practice on the stage at Capital Theatre, and even showing up to my wedding 2 hours early so she could help me practice my song on the sound system and instruct the DJ on how to run my music. I would recommend Emily to anyone looking to improve their singing abilities, because you will not only grow in technique, you will experience an increase in confidence and creativity that Emily inspires."

Pageant Headshot vocalist


"This is Kjersti signing her name on the wall of the green room at the Sky SLC! She is just beginning her career and Emily Stevenson and Sing It Out Studios have been amazing to her! Emily has been instrumental in shaping her talent and turning her into a performer. A shy, fearful girl is now blossoming into a knockout on stage.

Thanks Emily!!!"

Vocalist signing name before performance
Student Performance
Student singing


Lauryn made it all the way to the battle rounds on season 12 of The Voice! 


"Emily was my first vocal coach.  I loved her positivity and ability to get me to sing things I didn't think I could.  She was able to build my confidence at a young age and had many techniques to help me grow as a performer and vocalist."


Lauryn Judd from The Voice headshot


"Emily with Sing It Out Studios is the best vocal instructor I have ever had and I have had many accomplished vocal coaches over the years.

Within one lesson she increased my range by four notes and in two lessons she helped turn me from an actor that could sort of sing, to a legit Singer/Actor.

I am beyond amazed at how quickly and effectively she improved my voice and confidence with singing."

Paige & Molly

"Emily has been the perfect mix of developing, pushing, and giving my girls confidence in their singing and performing journey. Her lessons are focused and really productive with the  girls, I have heard big improvements in their voices."


Student recording and video production session


Little Girl Singing
Little Girl Singing